Ground power station cleaning solution

In response to the working conditions of large-scale ground photovoltaic power stations, Solareborn provides ground-walking photovoltaic cleaning robots + photovoltaic stain rate detection systems for system linkage to fully automatically clean dust on photovoltaic panels, increase power generation, reduce the "heat island effect", and improve The service life of photovoltaic panels; the robot walks on the ground and can adapt to various photovoltaic component (including frameless components) power stations.

The photovoltaic stain rate detection system uses two photovoltaic panels for power comparison, one is a reference battery and the other is a dust-covered battery. The reference panel uses high-pressure water washing, which has high cleaning efficiency and can quantitatively confirm the pollution and power loss of the photovoltaic power station. . The photovoltaic contamination rate detection system triggers the photovoltaic cleaning robot to perform task cleaning according to the contamination rate threshold.


Solareborn's "Big Elephant" is a solution for intelligent operation and maintenance of future ground photovoltaic power stations. It integrates autonomous mobile robot technology, cleaning technology and robot management cloud platform. It has a cleaning capacity of 8MW per hour (2P photovoltaic power station), providing you with efficient , safe and intelligent power station operation and maintenance solutions.


The ground-walking intelligent photovoltaic cleaning robot (hereinafter referred to as the "robot") adopts 4-wheel steering drive and walks on the ground without compressing the components. A spiral brush of polymer material is installed on the front of the robot, and the dust is removed by the rotation of the brush. Clean up to achieve water-free cleaning of the power station.


•The robot can automatically generate a walking route by collecting location information of key points in the power station. At the same time, the robot is equipped with an RTK high-precision navigation and positioning system, which can accurately locate the real-time position of the robot. Combined with anti-collision sensors, it always ensures that photovoltaic components and The robot operates safely, enabling autonomous cleaning of the entire power station without any manual intervention during the cleaning process.


•During the operation of the robot, you can check the working status and issue work tasks at any time through the WEB terminal or APP software. In addition, the robot has the function of automatic recharging and continuous scanning at break points. When the robot completes cleaning, it will autonomously return to the charging position for charging standby. When a low power state occurs during the cleaning process, the robot will remember the cleaning progress and automatically return to the charging position for charging. After being fully charged, return to the original position and continue working.


•The ground-walking intelligent photovoltaic cleaning robot is a new high-tech product launched by Solareborn Technology, with independent planning, independent navigation, independent positioning, independent cleaning, and independent charging.

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