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Driven by our values, 

Committed to collaboration

In addition to the innovative spirit that is the Solareborn hallmark, our teams bring a deep application expertise and a passion for solving problems. They work closely with you to deliver precisely engineered materials designed to function how and where you need them to, whatever the application. We never forget that our success starts with yours.

Our focus is you

We are enthusiasts who love exploring possibilities, helping you discover what our materials can do for you—your products, your customers, your business. Our teams partner with you to help engineer solutions that meet stringent technical requirements in demanding environments, with the support of service-oriented experts who have a contagious enthusiasm for whatever challenges are at hand.

Embracing diversity

We welcome a mix of perspectives and our teams are made up of people from around the world—people from different places, who speak dozens of languages, and whose backgrounds and experience are rich and varied. Like the rest of Solareborn, we take pride in being a business that seeks diversity and inclusion. Cultivating a mix of know-how and perspectives makes our solutions smarter, our employees more engaged, and your outcomes that much better.

Meet the diversity behind our products

Meet the power behind our products.  solar panel cleaning robot.

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+86 15359283152