Cleaning solutions for water surface power stations

In response to the working conditions of water surface photovoltaic power stations and tidal flat photovoltaic power stations, Solareborn provides a frame-mounted walking cleaning robot + contamination rate detection system + operation and maintenance scheduling and management cloud platform system solution.

The photovoltaic stain rate detection system uses two photovoltaic panels for power comparison, one is a reference battery and the other is a dust-covered battery. The reference panel uses high-pressure water washing, which has high cleaning efficiency and can quantitatively confirm the pollution and power loss of the photovoltaic power station. . The photovoltaic contamination rate detection system triggers the photovoltaic cleaning robot to perform task cleaning according to the contamination rate threshold.


Solareborn's "Little Bee" frame-mounted walking cleaning robot adopts efficient cleaning technology, four-wheel independent drive control technology, lightweight technology, automatic correction technology, safety detection technology and cloud management platform scheduling technology to achieve excellent three-dimensional spanning capabilities. Efficient cleaning and full life cycle operation and maintenance management.


    The photovoltaic cleaning robot walking on the frame adopts attitude control algorithm to realize the automatic deviation correction function of the robot and improve the equipment passing ability; the lightweight design reduces the weight of the whole machine and reduces the load on the photovoltaic panels and photovoltaic brackets; it solves the current problem of poor passability and heavy weight in the market. etc. to improve user experience satisfaction.


Applicable scenarios: Photovoltaic power stations where the arrays are neatly arranged and there are no obstacles between the arrays.

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